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Tagua Nut jewelry

Amigas Necklace

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Layered Tagua chips in an array of colors make the Amigas Necklace the perfect elegant statement piece. All Tagua by Soraya Cedeno jewelry begins as a Tagua nut, also known as vegetable ivory, and becomes a stunning piece of wearable art. Tagua jewelry is sustainably handmade in Ecuador using fair trade and environmentally conscious practices.

Discover our wide array of distinctively unique Tagua nut jewelry!

  • Adjustable Slide Closure: 18" to 40" L

  • Lightweight

  • Tagua nuts on wax cotton cord

  • Vegetable dyes

  • Handmade in Ecuador 

  • Due to the nature and size of the tagua nuts, all sizes are approximate, not exact.